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Tamim Asfour
Leitung H²T
+49 721 608 47379
asfourRxa8∂kit edu

Institute for Anthropomatics and Robotics; High Performance Humanoid Technologies, Chair Prof. Asfour
Adenauerring 2, Building 50.20
76131 Karlsruhe

Phone: +49 721 608-48277

Email: sekretariatVzh4∂humanoids kit edu

Robotics - Practical Course

Robotics - Practical Course
type: Praktikum (P) links:
semester: SS 2019

14:00 - 18:00 weekly

start: 25.04.2018, 14.00 Uhr

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tamim Asfour

sws: 4
ects: 6
lv-no.: 24870

Contact: robotics-practical@lists.kit.edu

Application: Application is only possible via the ILIAS course and is possible from 30.3.2020 – 10.4.2020. For application we would like a short text describing your prior knowledge about robotics and programming (e.g.: practical courses, jobs, lectures).

Requirements: Should have attended the lectures Robotics I - III, Solid knowledge about programming is required (Python, C++).

Comment: Implementation of several selected algorithms applied to various problems in robotics. Small teams of 3 or 4 students are built, which have to solve a different exercise each week.

Aim The participants are familiar with several problems in robotics. The students gain knowledge of that is needed to solve different exercises. The exercises cover inverse kinematics, grasp and motion planning, high-level robot programming with statecharts, robot perception, and human motion capture and analysis. The students are capable of understanding, structuring, and solving different problems in small teams.

Workload: 180 h

Exam: The Module's grade is a combination of the work in the projects (50%) and the oral exams (50%)