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Institute for Anthropomatics and Robotics; High Performance Humanoid Technologies, Chair Prof. Asfour
Adenauerring 2, Building 50.20
76131 Karlsruhe

Phone: +49 721 608-48277

Email: sekretariatHdb2∂humanoids kit edu

Welcome to H²T

The Humanoid Robotics Systems - High Performance Humanoid Technologies Lab (H²T) at the Institute for Anthropomatics and Robotics of the Department of Informatics, focuses on 24/7 humanoid robotics technologies and systems able to predict, act and interact in the real world and perform a wide variety of tasks. The major research topics of the group include humanoid mechanoinformatics and design, grasping and dexterous manipulation, goal-directed imitation learning, active vision and active touch, multimodal exploration, modelling and analysis of human motion, software and hardware architectures and system integration. H2T is led by professor Tamim Asfour who was leading the humanoid research group at the Humanoids and Intelligence Systems Lab (HIS) since 2003 and is developing the ARMAR humanoid robot family.



Lego Mindstorm teams
Abschlussrennen des Praktikums Lego Mindstorms
am 04. Februar 2019

Auch dieses Jahr fand wieder das Abschlussrennen des Bachelor-Praktikums Lego-Mindstorm statt. Die Studenten müssen dabei eigenständig mit Basiskomponenten aus Lego einen mobilen Roboter bauen und programmieren. Abschließend treten die Teams in einem freundschafltichen Wettbewerb gegen einenander an, um den schnellsten Roboter zu bestimmen.  Die Gewinner wurden mit kleinen Geschenken geehrt.

Lego Mindstorm teams
Final race of the Lego Mindstorms lecture
am 04. February 2019

The final race of the Lego-Mindstorms lecture took place in front of numerous spectators. At the event, the students learn to design a mobile robot using a Lego construction kit and to overcome various obstacles. The students competed in a friendly competition to determine the fastest robot.

Promotion Lukas Kaul
Promotion Lukas Kaul
Mittwoch, 23.01.2019

M.Sc. Lukas Kaul has successfully passed his doctoral examination.

All colleagues congratulate him warmly.


Foto doctoral examination Lukas Kaul

Tag der offenen Tür 2018

Auch dieses Jahr gibt das H2T Einblick in seine aktuelle Forschung im Rahmen der European Robotics Week am 21.11.2018.

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CoRL-Paper in Import AI Newsletter


The CoRL 2018 accepted paper  "Model-Based Reinforcement Learning via Meta-Policy Optimization" from the authors I. Clavera, J. Rothfuss, J. Schulman, Y. Fujita, T. Asfour and P. Abbeel has been discussed in the Import AI Newsletter.

Robotics AI Symposium in Paris

The French Académie des sciences and the German Akademie of Sciences Leopoldina organize the Symposium "Data Science versus Motion Intelligence" to strengthen the cooperation between France and Germany in Robotics AI. The organizers are Jean-Paul Laumond and Tamim Asfour.

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Exam dates

The exam dates for SS 2018 and WS 18/19 are online.

Exam dates

The H²T is displaying its humanoid robot ARMAR-6 as part of the KIT stand at the CeBIT in Hannover. In continuous live demonstrations, the robot shows its capabilities to intelligently and proactively assist a human coworker in the context of an industrial maintenance task. We cordially invite you to visit us in Hall 27, Stand G52.

go to the CeBIT Video

MINT Congress at Goethe Gymnasium
MINT Congress at Goethe Gymnasium
Friday, 08.06.2018

As part of the MINT congress organized by the Goethe Gymnasium, our 3 PhD students introduced the MINT study programs to the school girls and held two workshops during which the school girls were familiarized with the programming of the humanoid robot NAO.

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Prof. Tamim Asfour
Faculty Teaching Award at Department of Informatics
April 2018

Prof. Asfour became laureate of the faculty teaching award of the KIT department of Informatics 2018. The prize, worth 10,000 euros, is awarded annually in the faculties of KIT and highlights challenging teaching achievements, including interdisciplinarity, high research experience and research orientation.
Girls'Day 2018
Girls'Day 2018 @ H2T
Thursday, 26.04.2018

During this years' Girls' Day on 27.04.2017, H²T invited interested visitors to our lab.
We explained what is meant by "anthropomatics" and presented our humanoid robots ARMAR-IIIa, ARMAR-4 and the NAO roboters from Aldebaran Robotics.
More information about the Girls'Day at the KIT Department for Informatics can be found here.

   Julia Starke
am 24. April 2018

Julia Starke got the Dr.-Jürgen-Ulderup-Preis for her outstanding master degree in mechatronics. This price is given to the best graduates of the Faculty of Mechnical Engineering at the Leibniz Universität Hannover. We congratulate her for this award.
   Bogy Praktikum 2018
Bogy Praktikum 2018
vom 16.-20. April 2018

13 Schüler von verschiedenen Gymnasium waren an unserem Institut, um ihr Bogy Praktikum zu absolvieren. Hier konnten die Schüler mit dem humanoiden Roboter Nao arbeiten und diesen selbst graphisch programmieren oder den Roboter Asuro selbst zusammen löten und anschließend in C programmieren.

Chinese Students visited H2T
Friday, 09.02.2018

A group of middle-school students from Tsinghua University High School International (THSI) in Beijing visited our lab. Professor Asfour gave a talk to the research on Humanoid Robot in H2T. The students had a chance to have a close look at Humanoid Robot family ARMAR. 

Bid vom Abschlussrennen
Lego Mindstorms practical course: Final Race
Monday, 05.02.2018

The final race for the mindstorms practical course took place. In this practical course students build a mobile robot using Lego and program it to master different ostacles. In the last session of the practical course the students robots participated in a well-attended race through the parcours.

Link to the practical course

Robotik-AG at CyberForum
Wednesday, 31.01.2018

The CyberForum hosted an event for students, kids, professionals and employers. On this occasion the Robotik-AG of the Goethe-Gymnasium showed what they have learned and programmed during the last two years. The pupils programmed the humanoid robot Nao of Aldebaran SoftBank Robotics. More information for the event can be found here.

ARMAR-6 in the English Press
Thursday, 11.01.2018

"The Guardian" and "The Daily Mail" published in their online news an article about the new ARMAR-6 robot, which can help warehouse workers complete tasks using artificial intelligence.

Go to the Guardian article

Go to the Daily Mail article

Innotruck visits H2T
Thursday, 11.01.2018

The BMBF-Initiative Innotruck visited H2T. The award winner and her daughter came to see our labs and made some experiments with the robot NAO.

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ARMAR-6 in the Heise News
Friday, 19.01.2018

Heise online reports in its newsticker about the new ARMAR-6 robot developed at H2T.

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ARMAR-6 in the media
January 2018

The first press release featuring the humanoid robot ARMAR-6, developed at H2T, was launched. The robot is part of the EU-funded SecondHands research project and currently being used for research activities at OCADO Technology near London.

Article in IEEE Spectrum

Overview of press coverage

Publication in Science Robotics
Wednesday, 20.12.2017

The taxonomy of whole-body support poses developed at H²T has been presented in the article "A whole-body support pose taxonomy for multi-contact humanoid robot motions" published in Science Robotics.

Promotion Peter Kaiser
Promotion Peter Kaiser
Thursday, 21.12.2017

Dipl.-Inform. Peter Kaiser has gained his PhD degree. Congratulations from all his colleagues.


Presentation at NIPS Symposium
Thursday, 07.12.2017

The work "Parameter Space Noise for Exploration" by Plappert et al. has been presented at the Deep Reinforcement Learning Symposium within the NIPS 2017 in Long Beach, California.

Open House Day
Thursday, 22.11.2017

Within the European Robotics Week the High Performance Humanoid Technologies Lab invited everybody to an open house day.

The humanoid robots of the ARMAR-family demonstrated their skills in an everyday environment by doing typical tasks and interacting with humans. Besides there was the possibility to interact personally with the humanoid robot NAO.