Mobile Robots - Practical Course


In this practical course, students assemble an ASURO robot in groups of two. Each student will be provided with his own robot, which he has to put into operation. While using the robots, a new set of problems will be solved each week. The students will need to prepare for each weak given the provided material. Sets of problem be solved using the C language and focus on controlling the robot’s sensors and actuators as well as on the generation of reflex-based behavior. The course ends with a race, where the robots have to tackle an obstacle course.

Learning Objectives:

The student  is able to understand circuit diagrams and can assemble, test and debug complex PCBs. The student  is familiar with programming microcontroller-based embedded systems using the C language and cross compilers. The student is able to use methods for controlling robotic sensors and actuators, can conduct experiments with robots and solve tasks in this context independently and in small groups.

Language of instructionGerman
Organisational issues

Die Erfolgskontrolle erfolgt nach § 4 Abs. 2 Nr. 3 SPO als Erfolgskontrolle anderer Art und besteht aus mehreren Teilaufgaben. Die Bewertung erfolgt mit den Noten “bestanden” / “nicht bestanden”.

Voraussetzungen: Kenntnisse in der Programmiersprache C und in der Technischen Informatik werden vorausgesetzt.

Arbeitsaufwand: 120 h