High Performance Humanoid Technologies (H²T)

IMAGINE: Robots Understanding Their Actions by Imagining Their Effects

  • Contact:

    Tamim Asfour

  • Funding:

    EU H2020 Project

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The objective of IMAGINE is to enable robots to understand how their environment behaves and how to interact with it, resulting in substantial advances in autonomy, flexibility and robustness of interaction in the presence of unforeseen changes in the environment. Specifically, in the context of IMAGINE understanding means the ability of the robot 1) to infer which actions possibly apply in a given state of the environment, and how to parametrize the actions to achieve a desired effect; and 2) to discern to what extent its actions succeed, and if the action effect differs from the expected outcome, to infer possible reasons and recover from failures. The developed methods should be evaluated in the context of robot-driven disassembly and recycling of electromechanical devices, such as hard discs. To this end, the project will augment the level of structural understanding of devices and functional understanding of actions available to robots, enabling them to infer how to disassemble entire categories of electromechanical devices and appliances, to monitor the success of their own disassembly actions, and to synthesize effective recovery strategies for problems they encounter during disassembly.


KIT is responsible for the development of a multi-functional reconfigurable gripper, designed for the disassembly of electromechanical devices and appliances. KIT also leads the work on learning disassembly tasks from human observation and the integration of different components for object and affordance perception, planning, simulation and action execution into a holistic system architecture, resulting in multiple functional demonstrators over the course of the project.