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Tamim Asfour
Leitung H²T
+49 721 608 47379
asfourKjg1∂kit edu

Institute for Anthropomatics and Robotics; High Performance Humanoid Technologies, Chair Prof. Asfour
Adenauerring 2, Building 50.20
76131 Karlsruhe

Phone: +49 721 608-48277

Email: sekretariatEkq3∂humanoids kit edu

TERRINet: The European Robotics Research Infrastructure Network

TERRINet: The European Robotics Research Infrastructure Network

Tamim Asfour


EU H2020 Projekt







TERRINet represents the effort made by Europe to maintain its leadership in Robotics, by focusing on research. The project is committed to grow and educate a new generation of researchers in Robotics able to design, develop and manage future robots.
Therefore, partners in the TERRINet project offer top quality infrastructure, platforms, excellent research services and training to researchers, entrepreneurs, students and industry partners to fully exploit their potential and foster their impact on research and innovation.
Next to the shared access to top quality infrastructure and services, TERRINet aims at serving as a multi-disciplinary, trans-national environment to facilitate cross-fertilization of ideas and sharing of excellent scientific research. All partners appreciate the reinforced partnership with research and industry organisations. The integrated and harmonised access to infrastructures, platforms, service resources and ideas allows TERRINet to establish testing and evaluation facilities for innovation and will trigger more efficient technology transfer in Europe.
KIT provides access to its infrastructure and humanoid robot platforms to conduct research on humanoid robotics and wearable robotics  including advanced control, vision- and haptic-based grasping, mobile manipulation, learning from human observation and experience, motion analysis and syntheses as well as context-sensitive control of prostheses and orthoses.