High Performance Humanoid Technologies (H²T)

INOPRO: Intelligent orthotics and prosthetics

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    Tamim Asfour

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The INOPRO project aims at developing personalized intelligent prostheses and orthoses with an increased level of autonomy achieved by embodied machine intelligence, which facilitates symbiotic interaction with the human and more intuitive support, and better adaptation to the human’s needs, leading to substantial enhancement of the quality of life of prostheses and orthoses users.  

KIT is leading the development of a new personalized intelligent hand prostheses, which are adaptable to the user’s needs in size and functionality and are equipped with machine intelligence to facilitate intuitive human-machine interaction and reduce the cognitive load of the user. To achieve this goal, we rely on a tight integration of intelligent mechanics, novel 3D printing technologies, embedded systems, and robust control with few, simple control signals. To enhance the autonomous abilities of hand prostheses in the sense of context-sensitive grasping of daily objects, we are working on the development of low-dimensional grasping representations and data-driven learning of a library of grasping skills from human observation as well as on resource-aware algorithms for image processing using artificial neural networks.

Furthermore, KIT contributes to the design and control of novel leg prostheses and orthoses by developing novel joint mechanisms and mechanisms for the realisation of synergetic coupling in the lower limb as well as methods for action classification, data-driven user state estimation based on multi-sensory information, and context sensitive-control.