High Performance Humanoid Technologies (H²T)

Lego Mindstorms - Laboratory


Ansprechpartner: Pascal Weiner

E-Mail: pascal.weiner@kit.edu


Die Aufgabenstellungen des Praktikums reichen von Aufbau und Programmierung der Lego EV3-Bausteine mit der Programmiersprache JAVA bis hin zur Lösung spezieller Aufgaben, die im Rahmen eines abschließenden Wettrennens zu lösen sind (Linien folgen, Hindernissen ausweichen, Bahnplanung).


Wird in der Veranstaltung bekannt gegeben.


Basic knowledge in JAVA is helpful but not required.

Content of teaching

In this practical course, teams of three students build and program a mobile robot using Lego Mindstorms and the Java programming language. The robots are challenged to complete a versatile parkour including sections like the traversal of a maze, following a line, crossing a bridge or avoiding obstacle. After initial building of the robots, a section of the parkour will be set up each week and tackled by the robots, for which the students have to prepare their code beforehand. A final race of the robots on the entire parkour will be held at the end of the semester.


Das Praktikum findet wöchentlich statt.


120 h


The participants are able to design and construct a robot with motors and sensors using the Lego Mindstorms kit. The students are familiar with programming the Lego EV3 components using the Java programming language. They are able to understand and solve several key problems in mobile robotics, such as autonomous navigation, detection of landmarks and objects as well as obstacle avoidance. The students know how to efficiently and independently solve problems in a small group in a given time frame and are able to systematically document their work and results.

Exam description

Die Erfolgskontrolle wird in der Modulbeschreibung erläutert.