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Tamim Asfour
Leitung H²T
+49 721 608 47379
asfourMio8∂kit edu

Institute for Anthropomatics and Robotics; High Performance Humanoid Technologies, Chair Prof. Asfour
Adenauerring 2, Building 50.20
76131 Karlsruhe

Phone: +49 721 608-48277

Email: sekretariatKml2∂humanoids kit edu

Robdekon: Robot systems for the decontamination in misanthropic environments

Robdekon: Robot systems for the decontamination in misanthropic environments

Tamim Asfour








Robdekon Logo

ROBDEKON stands for »Robot systems for decontamination in misanthropic environments« and is a competence center that is dedicated to research of autonomous and semi-autonomous robotic systems. In the future, these robots are supposed to carry out decontamination work independently of human beings so that people can stay away from danger zones.

The aim of ROBDEKON is the research and development of novel robotic systems for decontamination tasks. Research topics include mobile robots for rough terrain, autonomous machines for construction, robotic manipulators as well as decontamination concepts, planning algorithms, multisensory 3D-mappings of the environment and teleoperational techniques using virtual reality. Artificial intelligence methods enable robots to perform assigned tasks either fully autonomously or semi-autonomously.

The research focus of H2T within the competence center ROBDEKON lies in the development of methods for single and multi arm grasping, mobile manipulation and planning of manipulation actions for handling contaminated objects, whereby the visual perception and autonomous execution of decontamination tasks represent the central questions of research.